Executive Search

Financial Search Limited regards executive search as an extension of management consultancy. Every client has different needs, so our detailed search plan is customised for each engagement but what remains constant are the high standards we apply throughout every assignment.


Search Plan

Step 1

Initial Consultation:

Our search process commences with detailed discussions with you and other key people within your organization to develop a thorough understanding of the scope of the position as well as the responsibilities and profile of the desired finance professional. We like to do this face to face if possible. We believe it is important to go beyond defining the essential skill set required, so acquiring a grasp of your strategic objectives, culture and environment is of paramount importance.

Step 2

Position Definition:

Once the required personal characteristics and professional attributes have been defined, we prepare and submit a detailed position specification for client review. When approved, this specification is used to initiate discussions with prospective candidates and contacts.

Step 3

Search Strategy:

Our development of the search strategy is based upon identifying the most suitable candidates who possess not only the requisite skill set, but also the capacity to fit into the company’s culture. To achieve this, we examine the current market conditions and scrutinise the competition’s organizational structures.

Step 4

Research & Identification:

We regard research as the tool most critical to the eventual success of any search. Firstly, we develop a target list of organizations where qualified candidates are likely to be found. Then we systematically investigate those organiations to identify those finance professionals who might meet the requirements. Using multiple techniques and a variety of sources, we ensure all avenues of research are explored.

Step 5

Candidate Approach:

This critical activity is always handled by consultants rather than researchers. We feel consultants working on the assignment are best equipped to articulate and describe the position in a convincing manner. Consultants will also be able to address any reservations candidates may have about the opportunity in relation to their own position and career development within the client organization.

Step 6

Interview & Evaluation:

Structured interviews are held with potential candidates to assess their suitability and level of interest. These face-to-face interviews allow us to identify the best possible fit within your organization, as each candidate is assessed in detail against the key criteria as set out in the position specification.

Step 7

Selection & Presentation:

After interviews have been completed, a small number of candidates are selected and presented to our client. The presentations consist of detailed reports on the candidate’s accomplishments, strengths and background. After consultation with the client regarding this information, we arrange meetings between the client and the candidates.

Step 8

Client Interview:

These meetings between client and candidate are of vital importance for both parties. We ensure that the client is fully briefed about each candidate and that each candidate has a thorough understanding of the opportunity being presented to him or her. It is at this juncture that the favoured candidate is identified.

Step 9

Negotiation & Closure:

Our knowledge of the Financial marketplace and our position as an intermediary allows us to provide expert, objective assistance in designing a compensation package calculated to satisfy all parties involved. In the war for talent, an able and perceptive approach to closing a search can make all the difference. At Financial Search Limited, we also go through resignation process scenarios with the candidate to ensure they are mentally prepared for resigning from their existing position. This is very much a “hand holding exercise” and a crucial element as many searches fail at this stage due to candidates “being turned” by their existing employer.

Step 10

Follow-up & Feedback:

The search process does not end for us at Financial Search Limited when a candidate accepts the client’s offer. We ensure a smooth transition for the new employee by facilitating continuing communication between employee and client. This ensures the candidate commences their new position seamlessly and comfort. Also it is important to maintain dialogue with candidates during gardening leave periods until start date. Following completion of the search, we prepare a survey for the client which allows us to measure the level of satisfaction with the search.